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ADWEEK.COM: Gold Star Chili CEO Roger David Listed in Adweek’s List of Cincinnati Brand Stars

Roger David - Gold Star franchise President & CEO

Cincinnati is one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest and is no stranger to culture. Fueling the growth of the city are great restaurants, smart and innovative businesses, music and arts festivals, and more. Gold Star Chili is a part of this growth, too. Since 1965, the popular restaurant has offered delicious Cincinnati-style chili while celebrating the rich Midwestern culture it originates from. The newly revamped franchise is turning heads throughout the region and as a result is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Gold Star Chili CEO Roger David is acknowledged in Adweek’s recent list commemorating various Cincinnati Brand Stars, further signifying the upward trend of the Cincinnati-based restaurant franchise. The list, which is comprised of many other successful Cincinnati business figures, celebrates what is driving the city’s growth and culture.

To see why the franchise is thriving get out and try the famous Cincinnati-style chili, a hand-crafted burger, or an entree salad at a location near you!