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Gold Star Chili: In the Business of Giving Back

Gold Star Chili Drive-ThruGSR Brands are proud to recognize franchise owners for continued dedication to serving their communities.

CINCINNATI – (May 2021) Wafa Daoud, a Gold Star Chili franchise owner in Latonia, Kentucky, is parlaying his business success into giving back to his community through various charitable endeavors.

Owning a world-class restaurant gives Gold Star franchisees the means and opportunity to share the love and help their neighborhoods thrive. For Wafa and many others, giving back is second nature.

Since opening his Gold Star Chili restaurant in 1999, Wafa has never turned down an opportunity to reach out a helping hand. Wafa routinely participates with local schools and churches, facilitating food drives, fundraisers, and donating up to 1,200 coney dogs at a time!

This kind of outreach serves a dual purpose — supporting the community while building lasting relationships to build your business. At Gold Star Chili, we believe that sustaining hands-on involvement with your local community is truly what keeps customers coming back. “Seventy-five percent of our customers are regulars,” says Wafa. “Our service shows a commitment to the community, and that’s more meaningful than anything.”

Through his impact on the community, Wafa finds his Latonia restaurant packed with hungry customers every Sunday after church. Unlike larger chains, Gold Star Chili is consistently ranked higher in terms of customer service and engagement. Seeing the impact his outreach has had on his business, Wafa has high hopes for other Gold Star franchisees. “If we dedicate a little time and money to various causes every year, it will have a monumentally positive impact on our business.”

Gold Star Chili continues to welcome enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are as dedicated to serving others as they are to building a thriving business. A focus on community and sustainability extends to every aspect of our restaurants. Says Franchise Director Samir Daoud, “We succeed because we all work together. We are in it with you every step of the way.”

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Gold Star Chili has developed an enormous following in the Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area, serving comfort food with family-style hospitality. The brand continues to expand across the Midwest, with its always-evolving menu, updated restaurant design, and a proven business model that allows franchisees to serve their communities and thrive for decades.

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