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How We Support First-Time Restaurant Owners to Ensure a Strong Start and Speedy Growth

Whenever a Gold Star franchise owner needs help, anyone and everyone on the corporate team is a phone call or email away. And with the 24-hour rule, help is never long in arriving.

“Whether I or anyone else has the answer or not, that call is returned within 24 hours,” says Samir Daoud, Franchise Director. “Even if the answer is ‘I’m working on that for you,’ that owner gets an update. Their issues and concerns are important to us, and we make sure they get handled as quickly as possible.”

In-depth and ongoing restaurant franchise owner training & support

A combination of in-store and classroom training ensures that every Gold Star franchise owner is ready for the challenge of running his or her own business. That’s because any and all situations are covered in a fast, fun and comprehensive process, says Tyler Kraemer, Director of Training.

“We start with the fundamentals,” Kraemer explains. “We take a new owner through the same journey a new employee would experience. We take them to a restaurant and teach them how to operate in every station, from food preparation and service to who we are as a brand. They go from what a new employee would do all the way through working as a shift leader and then a restaurant manager. Our approach is a ‘train the trainer’ mentality, so that every owner has the tools to get their team up to speed when they are onboarding staff and preparing to open their own restaurant.”

“If we need to pile into a van and go back to a new franchise location and do a boot camp-style training to make sure they are confident and able to provide great service, we will do that. We are committed to doing whatever it takes for our franchise teams to succeed.” Kraemer added.

That is all followed by on-site support around the new Gold Star’s grand opening, after which Kraemer and members of his team are still easily accessible to handle any issues that come up.

“We go through a soft opening, and then the larger grand opening, and we can see how things are going,” he explains. “We’ll have at least three trainers in for that, and then we start backing them out as the local team gets confidence and takes over. Then we come back for routine visits to make sure it’s all going well, and to perform any remedial or new training that’s necessary to help that franchise owner and their team excel.”


Another way Gold Star adds value for franchise owners is through the PlayerLync operational support and training platform. Each restaurant has tablets that allow, in three clicks or less, employees and managers to get to a wide range of content, from training videos to operational support.

“It’s our operations manual on steroids,” says Roger David, CEO and President. “It has video links and searchable content and allows owners to communicate with each other, as well as our corporate team. We post updates on the platform, so we are pushing out information to the franchises as well.”

PlayerLync tablets act as a field trainer as well, allowing new employees to watch videos and master skills quickly and easily. And if someone is having trouble, their manager can have them review specific content in order to improve their skills. In either case, it offers training and education in a format that younger workers prefer, which helps with engagement and knowledge retention.

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