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How Gold Star’s Franchise Marketing Support Helps Builds Business Fast

Targeted community outreach, social media strategies create rapid brand awareness

Whether you are assuming ownership of an existing Gold Star franchise, opening a new location in a current market or bringing Gold Star to an area for the first time, there’s one thing you’ll need: a strong, multifaceted and ongoing marketing plan. And we’ve got that nailed down.

“I work with new and existing owners when they are opening a new store or reopening after remodeling,” says Jamie Pollard, Field Marketing Manager. “Our team also engages with franchise owners when they are partnering with a school, hosting a fundraiser, want to run an ad in their local newspaper or create new online advertising or promotional content. We are here to fulfill any and all requests, and make sure they are getting the word out in the most effective manner for that particular event or audience.”

Multistage marketing process for new franchises

When a new Gold Star is about to open, Pollard and her team approach marketing in defined stages:

Gold Star Executives at storefront constructionKickoff

The new owner and his or her franchise are built into Gold Star’s internal communication system, and a trade area research and competitive audit is performed. Traffic trends are studied, as well as the site’s target audience in order to generate a heat map. All that data feeds the direct mail plan as well as the placement of digital and social media ads. This stage also includes building a list of key local store marketing contacts, such as the top four schools and who to reach out to there (athletic director, PTA president, etc.), as well as churches, local businesses of all types, local government offices, Chambers of Commerce and local media contacts.


Here Pollard amps up her engagement with the franchise owner, sharing the insights gleaned so far as the two begin to collaborate on the marketing plan she has created. This is also when the location’s website and digital social presence begins to be built out, and its email list for loyalty club members is created. In the physical world, nearby billboards and other signage opportunities are assessed.

Online engagement

Around opening, Pollard creates a social media and email calendar so all online content is ready to go for the new Gold Star location’s opening-day festivities. Our team also works with you to create brand awareness ads that are placed ahead of time alongside ‘now hiring’ posts.


Once the new franchise location is up and running, Pollard visits within a few weeks to sit down with the owner and assess all the marketing efforts to date. Everything can be tweaked, from social media content and frequency to physical mailers and other in-community outreach. This process continues for several months and includes outreach to schools and other potential catering opportunities to begin building that side of the business, as well.

“There are a lot of moving parts, and many new Gold Star franchise owners are terrified because they know nothing about marketing,” Pollard says. “My job is to look them in the eye, explain everything, and ease that fear. This is something that I am experienced with; I have been through multiple openings and remodels with great success and so I have all of the tools in place for them. We’re there for them through the whole process. They can always lean on us and if they ever need help, I am right there.”

Great marketing is just one way we support our franchise owners. Want to know more? Click here and we’ll send over some detailed information and arrange a call so we can answer any questions you have.

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